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Your All-In-One Solution to Poor Employee Engagement

Your All-In-One Solution to Poor Employee Engagement

How can you measure your company’s level of employee engagement? It can be a difficult thing to gauge. A good level of engagement might mean that employees are having their best day, everyday, i.e. they are highly motivated and consistently meeting company goals. As you might imagine, this level of engagement can be difficult to obtain. If your company is struggling, you might be asking, “How can I improve employee engagement?”.

A large factor in this is communication. Communication is key in any type of relationship, so you want to be as transparent as possible with your coworkers, management, boss, etc. Building strong connections and fostering good relationships in the workplace is crucial to improving workplace environment. The better the relationships are amongst employees, the more they will feel connected as a team, which has been proven to increase productivity, resulting in greater revenue for the company.


You might be thinking, “Where do I even begin?”. Figuring out a solution to poor engagement may seem overwhelming at first, but what if I told you there was an easy way to consolidate all of this work? With text messaging via an employee engagement platform you can manage all of these tasks, such as communicating company announcements, scheduling meetings and appointments, and sending out event or emergency alerts. With emails often going unread for days, even weeks at a time, it does not work to your advantage to try to reach your employees by email. With text message, people are much more likely to read and respond to your messages. No app download is necessary, so your employees need not even have a smartphone! SMS is available on every mobile phone and is a great way to guarantee communication amongst the individuals of your organization. Everyone will always be informed about what’s going on in the company and will consequently feel more connected to one another.


Employee engagement is important for the long haul -- the more engaged employees become, the less likely it is for them to quit, to call in sick, conflicts to arise… the list goes on. Not only is it great for employee retention, but a solid company culture will inevitably attract the ideal talent for your company -- people will want to work for you. If you’re still hesitating on implementing an employee engagement platform via text messaging, check out The Mobile and Texting Employee Webinar on 12/5 or 12/19 at 10AM PST. Register by clicking on the button below!


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