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The Secret to Writing Better Job Descriptions

9QEVP5YHO3When there is a new job opening at your company and it's time to write the job description it's always tempting to play it safe. First, list job requirements to recruit the candidate with the best experience and education, second, make sure they are "strong communicators" during the interview, and third bring them on board quickly. But that is rarely the best approach.

A new Fast Company article suggests that our job descriptions are failing because we aren't considering context. That is to say, we are recruiting candidates that we want, versus how well they can accomplish the jobs being advertised.

One example is of a startup that hired a marketing professional with many years of corporate marketing experience. The candidate seemed like the perfect fit based on the job description but struggled to adapt to the startup environment. The solution for hirers: think through the contextual details of jobs and consider what skills are truly essential.

Read the full story from Fast Company here.


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