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4 Essential Twitter Chats for Recruiters



Recruiting is a career that requires constant conversation and sharing of new ideas. Few would argue there is a shortage of blogs available to recruiters reporting on best practices, new technologies, and emerging industry trends, but rarely do they generate engaging comment threads that create the much-needed conversations. That is where the value of Twitter chats comes in.

Twitter chats are conversations typically held on a weekly or monthly basis, and feature moderators that lead an open discussion utilizing a common hashtag (i.e. #mobilerecruiting). The moderator will post the topic and questions a week beforehand, choose a featured guest and then lead a conversation on that topic with many different viewpoints being represented.

My favorite part of these chats is learning first-hand about the challenges recruiters face in attracting and engaging candidates. Here are four essential Twitter chats for recruiters to get involved with:


1. TalentCulture

Time: Wednesdays at 1:00 PM EST

Hashtag: #tchat

Hosts: @talentculture@KevinWGrossman@MeghanMBiro

Recent Topics: How to Create The Ultimate Hiring Experience; The Power of Relationships from Bedroom to Boardroom; How Social Recruiting Makes the Talent Business Case

Why we love it: Great combination of fun and insight - be prepared to laugh while noting new ideas.


2. NextChat

Time: Wednesdays at 3:00 PM EST

Hashtag: #nextchat

Hosts: @SHRMnextchat

Recent Topics: The Long Now of Employee Engagement; Liar, Liar, Resume on Fire; The Importance of Workplace Traditions

Why we love it: Covers all aspects of HR and participants aren't afraid to challenge assumptions.


3. Open Mic Career

Time: Monthly Wednesday at 8:00 AM EST

Hashtag: #omcchat

Hosts: @CyndyTrivella@TomBolt@LevyRecruits

Recent Topics: New Year, New Excuses; Age Changes and Job Changes; Why Do Job Seekers Use Buttons Instead of Brains?

Why we love it: Brutally honest and witty insights into today's recruiting trends.


4. RecHangout

Time: Monthly Wednesday at 8:00 AM EST

Hashtag: #rechangout

Hosts: @ColleagueRS@louisetriance@greg_savage@alanwhitford

Recent Topics: How to Develop Your International Recruiting Capability; What Do the Best Recruiters Do Better?; Technology Revolution: Just Around the Corner or More of the Same? 

Why we love it: Getting to hear new ideas and best practices from across the pond.


Did I miss any? If so, send me an email at birch@textrecruit.com.

For a great overview on how to participate in Twitter chats, I recommend this guide from SocialMediaToday. I wish I had read this before joining these chats! You can also chat with us about attracting and engaging candidates anytime at our daily mobile recruiting webinar.

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