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Why Your Job Ads Aren't Filling Up Your Hiring Funnel - And What To Do About It

Why Your Job Ads Aren't Filling Up Your Hiring Funnel - And What To Do About It

You’ve optimized your job advertisements. They’re well written, they give job seekers all the details they’d need to be interested. You’ve even gone beyond and included information about your culture and maybe even shared compensation information directly in your job advertisement. 
You contacted support from your job advertisement provider and sat through multiple calls where you made tweaks to your campaigns to ensure that they were up to scratch with best practices and targeting. 

You optimized your careers page for mobile, your website looks slick and is easy to navigate on all devices. Your recruiter’s stay on top of fresh applicants coming into your ATS. You’re making phone calls, leaving voice mails, sending emails, and sending text messages to your candidates.

(If you’re not using text message to engage your hiring funnel, click here to learn why you’d better start today.) 

Nonetheless, your positions still aren’t filling as fast as you’d like. Costs continue to creep up, time to hire continues to increase, and most of the people who come to your careers website leave without filling out an application. You’ve spent good money, budget you had to make a solid case for with your boss, and now you need to show returns on it. It’s frustrating to see such a low amount of applicants from your job ads, and it’s even more frustrating to see how many people leave your website without filling out an application. 

You might think, is there something wrong with my website? Am I offering too low of a compensation? Are there not enough benefits? These are valid concerns to be sure, but none of these questions can be answered. Your biggest problem is that even after spending thousands of dollars on getting job seekers to read your ads, you still can’t talk to them until after they’ve taken action and applied. 

Imagine going to a career fair and not being able to see, hear, or talk to anyone there unless they walked up to your booth and filled out an entire application. You wouldn’t get very many applicants. When you don’t have a two way chat window on your job ads and careers pages- that’s the experience you are creating online. 

When you speak to candidates in person, you know they typically have plenty of questions they want answered before they apply. That’s why speaking to candidates in person is usually so impactful. In person you can converse to create a real relationship with someone, actually answer their questions, and encourage them to apply. 

It’s time you treated your careers site and job ads the same way.

JobChat turns your job advertisements and careers pages into career fair booths. It places your recruiters directly in contact with job seekers which creates more opportunities to engage. Job seekers can ask recruiters questions, be encouraged to apply, and get screened in real time with simple two way conversation just like they would at a career fair. 

Learn more about how you can use JobChat to get more applicants, reduce time to hire, and create more engagement on your careers site. 


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