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Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

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Employee engagement is inarguably one of the biggest challenges in the workplace today. Dale Carnegie and MSW conducted a study in which they found that approximately 70% of the workforce is reportedly disengaged. That means that less than a third of employees are actually engaged at work. That number may come as a shock, but it’s the unfortunate truth. How can we combat these numbers and get to a place of increased productivity and improved employee experience?

Many people tend to forget that employee engagement begins with the moment that you reach out to a candidate about working for your company. From that very first contact, your candidate (or future employee) should feel engaged. Engagement is particularly important during the recruiting/hiring process because you don’t want to lose good talent to another company who’s doing it better. But keep in mind, your efforts shouldn’t stop there.

Employee engagement is debatably more important following talent acquisition. What good is an employee if their performance or productivity levels are sub-par? If you have the talent but aren’t seeing results, then something is clearly missing. It might be time to implement an employee engagement platform. With an employee engagement platform, you can manage meetings, scheduling, important dates, company announcements… the list goes on. From the beginning of time, connection has been an inherent human need. It is known that connected employees are happy employees, and happy employees lead to increased productivity (which means higher profit).

This solution extends to outside of the immediate workplace as well. If employees love working for your company, that can only attract better applicants and future talent. Employee engagement goes hand in hand with company culture and your brand needs to stand out from the competition. Ensuring that your employees are getting the best experience in the workplace can only lead to greater success in future endeavors. 

In today’s market, we can’t afford to overlook the importance of employee engagement. The numbers don’t lie -- active employee engagement leads to better business. If you’re failing to see the performance you’d be expecting, it’s time to consider implementing a platform. To get started, take a look at our eBook on how to improve candidate engagement and how to engage employees starting with that very first contact. 


Transform Your Hiring: 9 Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement 

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