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What You Should Look for in a Candidate Engagement Platform

What You Should Look for in a Candidate Engagement Platform

By now you probably know that attracting job-seekers today’s job market is as easy as a walk in the park….if the park was on fire and you were on fire and everything was on fire. Fortunately, there’s a new kid on the block that can help. At recent industry events, you may have heard the term “candidate engagement platform” being thrown around stages and various other conversations. Consider this your guide to what candidate engagement platforms are, why organizations invest in them, and what you should look for in yours.

What is a candidate engagement platform?


Let’s begin by defining what a candidate engagement platform is. A candidate engagement platform is a set of communication tools that work together to make recruiting a smooth and seamless process. Organizations who begin using engagement platforms find that they create positive experiences for both candidates and employers. These communication platforms makes candidates feel valued, and help employer brands stand out in crowded hiring spaces.


Why do organizations invest in them?

So let’s dive in and explore exactly what the modern recruiter looks for in a candidate engagement platform. First, an engagement platform should have tools that help you at every stage of your hiring process. It should be a complete solution that helps you attract candidates, and rapidly convert them to new hires. This end-to-end outlook ensures candidates feel valued through application, interview, hiring, and onboarding.


Communication speed is the primary benefit engagement platforms deliver. They use modern communication methods like text messaging and live chat to connect candidates directly to recruiters. These methods are effective and can produce 40% response rates in less than 30 minutes in many cases. The enhanced communication speed organizations experience reduces time to hire and improves conversion rates.


What extra features should you look for in a platform?


You’ve probably heard this next concept thrown around frequently in the recruiting world, and for good reason. Artificial intelligence is the final piece that makes engagement platforms powerful solutions. AI is exceptional in early-stage communication tasks and truly shines when used with an engagement platform. It can pre-screen candidates, schedule interview times, and collect relevant candidate information. When it’s done, live recruiters can seamlessly take over and develop relationships. AI is incredibly valuable in high volume recruiting situations, when a large pool of applicants needs to be rapidly sifted through before reaching the interview stage.


Incorporating a candidate engagement platform is a necessary differentiator in today’s job market. It allows you to attract more candidates and quickly move them through your hiring process. Be sure to select a platform that engages at each stage, increases communications speed, and offers AI capabilities. It just might make that walk in the park a little more enjoyable.


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