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What Is Candidate Experience?

What Is Candidate Experience? Recruiters face unique challenges in today's sourcing environment. Most candidates have expressed a desire to interact with your company's job application platforms through mobile, yet, firms still struggle to meet market demands. Understanding and optimizing your candidate experience for mobile can help your firm source better candidates at a lower cost. 

Candidate Experience Explained:


If you've been following the software industry in the valley, a huge term nowadays is user experience. User experience is the experience a user has while engaged with your application. Candidate experience is the experience a candidate has while engaging with your recruiters and HR while moving through the employee lifecycle

Candidate experience(CX) is the experience a candidate has while interacting with your company's application process.

If a tech startup fails to optimize its user experience, they experience a drop off in users. An inability to retain users has a direct impact on the companies bottom line. CX problems, however, are far more insidious.

Perhaps you already measure your candidate acquisition process. If not, I recommend you start doing so. As management consultant Peter Druker once said: "What gets measured gets managed." Once you begin to measure your candidate acquisition process, you'll be able to optimize it. 

An optimized CX will help your company source highly qualified grade-A performers. The better your CX, the less you'll struggle to fill your critical positions.

How To Easily Improve Your Candidate Experience:


Did you know that 90% of applicants are looking for work on mobile?

According to a survey completed by job search & employment review engine Glassdoor, 90% of job seekers reported they used a mobile device during their job search. This usage trend isn't sporadic either, with 45% of job seekers reporting a minimum of once per day usage of their mobile device specifically to search for jobs.

As more and more job applicants make the switch to mobile, companies who adapt to this paradigm change are positioned to make big wins when it comes to recruiting. 

If you haven't optimized your CX for mobile, there's no better time than now to do so. 

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Recruiting

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