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What Features Should Mobile Recruiting Software Have?

What Features Should Mobile Recruiting Software Have?

You can't predict where and when job seekers will choose to enter your recruiting funnel. Regardless of where they're coming from, one of your priorities as a HR professional is increasing enagemement with them. Choosing the right mobile recruiting software will help you better engage with candidates as well as employees. 

Here are 3 features to look for in your mobile recruiting software. 


Engagement Tools: 


Look for a mobile recruiting software that offers a variety of methods to engage your candidates and employees. You're likely already engaging with candidates in your recruiting funnel by using email campaigns and phone calls. Lately, recruiters and HR professionals have been using text messages to drive engagements-make sure the solution you decide on offers that capability as well. 


Mobile App: 


Look for a mobile recruiting software solution that offers a paired mobile application in addition to their desktop application. This will enable you to access your data on the road. You'll also be able to continue to engage your candidates in real time no matter where you are. 


Mobile Application Design: 


Look for a solution that enables your HR team to create a mobile first experience for applicant facing web assets. A study by Mashable discovered that 70% of jobseekers use their phone to engage with job opportunities but only 3% of employers have a mobile enabled job application. Providing a seamless user experience across both mobile and desktop will help you stand out from other employers. 

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