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Updated Chrome/FireFox Extension Allows for Greater Customization

Updated Chrome/FireFox Extension Allows for Greater Customization

In our latest product update, we upgraded the TextRecruit Everywhere Chrome and Firefox Extensions to help you find and message candidates in the way that works best for you. Our latest update includes a new menu that allows you to choose whether or not phone numbers are highlighted with the TextRecruit icon next to the number.

In the past, recruiters have experienced issues when using multiple extensions that highlight phone numbers. Oftentimes, different highlights would overlap making the phone numbers difficult to read. With the latest update to our extensions, you can now enable or disable highlighting to suit your preferences.

Select stop highlighting to revert all highlights and remove the TextRecruit icon. Select resume highlighting if you miss that beautiful TextRecruit green. Easy as that.

The menu can be accessed by clicking the down-caret next to the TextRecruit logo.

To install the latest version of the TextRecruit Extension, click here.

TextRecruit Context Menu


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