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Trends from the HR Tech Conference


Reflecting on the 2015 HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada made us want to revisit two trends that Megan Biro highlighted in her Forbes article earlier this month.


1) Go for today, later, and even later than that


Trend one requires presenting a variety of hard questions to assess where your company is and where improvement may be needed. Consumer surveys such as the one highlighted here show that mobile usage is on the rise. Additionally, job seekers continue to use their mobile devices to find and apply to new openings.  As mobile continues to exceed projected growth, texting has emerged as frontrunner due to its simplicity.  There are a variety of complications that come along with recruiters using personal cell phones that HR teams need to consider as mobile usage become more popular. Centralized texting platforms are growing into a must-have technology for HR teams yielding higher response rates and lower response times while staying compliant.   


2) Don’t miss the future


Larry Page, the founder of Google, said it best when he stated “Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future.” Investing in new technologies for the future is vital to the success of every company and the sooner recruiters start taking candidate engagement mobile the more prepared they will be to excel at it in the future. New technologies take time to sink into company culture, but as they say the trends of today predict the behaviors of tomorrow.


Read the full article by Meghan Biro here.


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