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Three Rules for Writing an Effective Text Recruiting Message

First impressions matter. Today I received an email from a new business contact that had spelling, grammatical and formatting errors which caused a feeling of judgement to overwhelm me. Those emails rarely get the respect they might deserve.
Three Rules For Writing An Effective Text Recruiting Message
Crafting a text message to a candidate isn't any different. When texting candidates you are representing your company as a whole so it’s important to get it right. Content, tone and deliverability are critical factors that can make or break your talent acquisition strategy.
Here are three rules to live by when writing recruiting texts to put your best foot forward:
1. Personal Touch - Always use mail merge features to include the candidate’s name, the position’s title and a link to a position description. Candidates give first preference to the recruiters they sense are reaching out to them directly.
2. Short and Sweet - You only have 160 characters so prioritize essential information, but also find a tone that is conversational and professional. Your text voice should make it easy for candidates to respond.
3. Timing is Everything - Schedule your text campaigns to launch at prime hours to maximize response rates. Mobile phone users are most active between 5pm and 8pm, but we recommend using TextRecruit’s dashboard to determine when your candidates are most responsive.
I hope these tips help you use text recruiting tomore effectively engage your candidates.Happy mobile recruiting!

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