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The importance of cloud computing in mobile device usage

Nearly 1 billion mobile devices have been purchased to date. Employees are no longer tied to their desks. 80% of employees use mobile devices in the workplace. This allows people to work anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices are overtaking the PC as the primary means to access the web. This rapid expansion makes the world our new office. Businesses must keep up with the mobile device usage trend in order to support employee productivity.

mobile device usage The cloud allows employees to securely access all the data they need from their phones.

The most concerning issue businesses have with the use of mobile devices is security. Employees have access to sensitive information. Having this information floating around on an employee's mobile device is dangerous and irresponsible. Businesses are keenly aware of this security risk. The solution to this problem is cloud computing.

The cloud allows employees to access everything they need without the security risk. The cloud can be accessed from anywhere. Businesses can store vital information in the cloud and give employees password-protected access. This way, information is not located directly on the mobile device.

The cloud is also a cost-effective solution. Because cloud storage is generally inexpensive, it is very appealing to businesses. Security, support, and cost are the three main concerns businesses have about managing mobile device usage among their employees. The cloud offers solutions to all three of these issues.

Businesses must implement systems for mobile device usage in order to keep up with the rapid expansion. Employees expect to use their mobile devices for work. If businesses are not prepared, they will lose valuable potential employees and will most certainly lose customers as well. Employees must be capable of communicating with management, other employees, and customers via their mobile device. They must be able to access important documents and information via their mobile device. They must be able to perform work-related tasks on their mobile device. Cloud computing offers businesses much-needed security and support.

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