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Retailers Must Increase Engagement to Win Seasonal Hiring Battle

It’s that hiring time of the year again - big retailers like Amazon.com Inc., Macy’s Inc., Target Corp. and Wal-mart Stores Inc. are already preparing for this year’s seasonal hiring frenzy.


According to a recent Wall Street Journal article Amazon is leading the charge by aiming to hire 100,000 season workers this holiday season, up from 80,000 workers in 2014. Macy’s is projecting 85,000 seasonal hires while Target has estimated 70,000 and Wal-mart is expecting 60,000 holiday workers to come on board over the next few months.

The upswell in holiday hiring combined with falling unemployment has left many analysts wondering if some retailers will see bumps in their supply chain due to a lack of seasonal staffing. A recent CNBC report says that many large retailers have struggled to fill roles “at the heart of their digital operations -- their warehouses.”

The holiday shopping season can be a make or break sales period for retailers, and those that are left understaffed face significant financial risks. Recruiting and HR teams at retailers need to find creative ways to engage the seasonal workforce at scale or risk waking up December 26th to a stocking full of coal.

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