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Mobile Device Usage: How The Mormon Church Is Expanding Its Outreach By Going Mobile

The Mormon Church is often known by the public for the missionaries that they send out to preach the message of the Church. These individuals are young men who travel in pairs and wear a unique shirt and tie uniform that is instantly recognizable. Those same missionaries are now turning to mobile device usage to help expand their ability to spread their message.

Leaders Give Mobile Device Usage The Green Light

As with virtually any official policy of the Mormon Church, leadership approval is required. LDS.org discusses how this happened in this case,

The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are expanding the use of mobile devices following a successful pilot program that has been in place since last fall involving 6,500 missionaries in 30 missions in the United States and Japan.

The roll out of the mobile program targets these two countries because of their high technology usage. This means that the Church is taking careful measures to make sure that it gets things right. They want to promote their message through technology in places where it makes sense to do so.

The Impact

Already at this point there are some 32,000 missionaries using mobile technology on their missions according to Church estimates. These are thousands of individuals who were not using their phones for religious purposes in the past. Now, they are using them to leverage their message and reach out to people in new ways.

Interestingly, the Church has asked the individual missionaries to purchase their own devices if possible. Those who are unable to afford to do so can receive assistance through the Church to get those phones.

There are already applications created for smartphones for these missionaries. For the most part, these apps replace printed forms of existing materials. It creates a more convenient way to preach the message. Look for Mormon missionaries to continue to expand their mobile device usage and missions.

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