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Improve Your Retail Recruiting Process With SMS And Text Messaging

One of the biggest obstacles for many businesses has been managing the high number of applications from potential candidates. Sometimes it is necessary to rethink the traditional methods of recruiting so that you can better manage the spaces and gaps in your process.

For retailers, it is important that you recognize what is going wrong in your recruiting process in order to adjust your retail recruiting methods. It is important that candidates remain engaged throughout the entire hiring process. SMS can certainly help you engage with customers and decide which candidates are qualified.

You can encourage potential candidates to text a code to a specific number so they can join your text community. After they text the number, you can ask additional questions that will help you qualify candidates. After you qualify the candidates, you can send them in the right direction where they can find the job openings they qualify for.

You can do more than ask candidates basic information, such as name, address, zip code, and the positions they are seeking. There are several other options for using SMS recruiting.

A great advantage of using SMS and text messaging is the fact that you can create automated messages that will allow you to let candidates know the application has been received, how the selection process is going, and if they could possibly be selected for an interview.

We have all probably found ourselves in a position where we never hear anything from a company after we have applied for a position. You can make sure people who apply for jobs at your company will never have to experience this.

You do not want anyone to have a negative overview of your company. You want to keep them engaged, and you want to have open communication because you may want to reach out to a candidate again later on in the year.

When you have to let a person know that he or she did not get the job, you should be considerate. If you can, give them a few reasons why they were not selected. You can also encourage them to apply to your company again in the next season or next year.

When your company uses SMS and text messaging, you will have a database full of candidates. You can reach out to them with the click or push of a button. For additional information about how your company can improve its HR and recruiting efforts, contact us today.

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