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HR Technology: Smartphone and Tablet Interviews For The Win

Google Play has 90 plus apps for creating and or handling CVs and resumes. That is more than a significant number, it's a dynamic move, seeing job candidates relying on their mobility to keep up with them in the career market. The HR professional has to adapt. Companies have to create an environment that embraces the shift.

HR technology expands the potential candidate field. Using interview questions emailed to the job seeker and having them send a video response back reduces the number of hours sitting and waiting in an office for interviewer and candidate. Traditional interview time consumption is eliminated or greatly reduced.

  • Do Self-Checking On Your Recruitment Site. Use your own tablet or smart phone to cruise the HR offerings from your company. How well do they work in mobile environments? Evaluate where even subtle changes can improve functionality.
  • Don't Limit Scope. Creating categories or levels of position offerings to handle on your mobile site is limiting your pool on all levels. One job offering make bring the candidate in but they may be better suited to another. Don't lose their interest because they can't see the potential in your company.
  • Do Keep Current. Knowing that there are multiple career search and resume platforms available is not the same as being familiar with their functionality. Some of the platforms include position listings, take advantage of that.
  • Don't Neglect Your Social Media. The trend to mobile apps does not mean that basic social media no longer applies. Maintain those functions as well. You are looking for the widest possible pool of candidates to bring you quality personnel.
  • Do Expand or Implement A Mobile Presence. HR professionals need to be as mobile as their candidates. Setting up a face to face second or third interview can often mean meeting in the middle, a mutually agreeable location. Being just as capable maintaining contact as the career seeker prevents decline in interest due to lack of communication.

The need for HR Technology is clear and so is our vision, please, contact us with your interest in this topic.

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