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HR Technology: Is Your HR Department At A Standstill?

Currently, text messaging and SMS are not at the top of some companies' list of communication methods. It is a bit funny that these methods are not quite as popular forms of company communication methods like the plentiful social media channels. Text messaging has been around longer than many of these social media networks, and it is widely used for various reasons, but it's just not popular among many businesses.

When you see companies using technology and text messages, then these companies are doing it right. Those companies are accepting the fact that they should utilize all the new HR technology trends.

Is Your HR Department At A Crossroads?

Is your HR department is at a standstill with its recruiting efforts and wondering what technology methods should be implemented into your process? If so, you should strongly consider using texting as a form of communicating with candidates. Your potential candidates will typically be a pool of people who are comfortable with texting and using all forms of technology. These are the same candidates who want to quickly connect with potential employers.

SMS Recruiting 

It is okay if you various mobile recruiting techniques are new to you. As mentioned above, it is not yet widely accepted. So, what exactly is it really about? Well, you can invite candidates to connect with you through text messaging.

This kind of contact should can be the first form of contact or it could be something that a candidate selects on the application. After a candidate texts the number you have provided, you can ask qualifying questions that will give you more information about the potential candidate.

If it has been determined that the candidate may be a suitable fit for the open position, you can then send him or her additional instruction to the suitable candidates on the appropriate steps they should take to complete the hiring process.

When you use text recruitment you will not have to play phone tag, you will not have to leave messages, or wait until someone calls you back all in order to fulfill open positions. Text recruiting is one of those HR technology methods that is only going to gain momentum as the months go by. The use of mobile devices will continue to bring innovation to a variety of businesses, and your business should be one of them.

Contact us for additional information on how you can bring your HR practices into this fast-paced technological world.

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