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How To Create A Mobile Device Usage Policy For Your Company

Cell phones have undoubtedly become a part of modern life for most people. However, there is a time and place for everything, and this includes mobile device usage. Most employers agree that it is not appropriate to have employees who are using their cell phones at work.

Phone Etiquette Should Be On The Agenda 

Employees are still going to bring their phones to work. They may need them in an emergency, or more commonly to call or text to make plans after work. This is why phone etiquette appears on the agenda as part of the overall plan for cell phones in the office.

Inc.com offers a very important suggestion for the creation of a corporate cell phone policy,

The 'vibrate' function is your best friend. When working in a professional atmosphere, the vibrate function should be a default. No one likes a loud ringer – especially when left unanswered.

Employers can allow their employees to keep their phones turned on but ask them to turn them on vibrate in order to have them in the office.

Phone Calls And Texting During Working Hours Should Generally Be Banned

There is sadly a need to tell employees that they should not make phone calls or send texts during business hours. This is important because these activities can distract other employees. Using the phone also takes away from an employee's productivity. It is simply not acceptable for those who are serious about running their company.

Work Functions On Private Cell Phones 

Increasingly, companies are requiring their employees to do more work on their private cell phones. This means that they have to make guidelines for this as well. Companies will potentially need to pay employees overtime for work that they require them to do from home on a personal cell phone. Having specific guidelines for this process is critically important to the overall cell phone policies.

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