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Trucking Industry News and a New TextRecruit Article, Reflect Modern Changes and Responsible Behavior Throughout The Trucking Industry

Despite long-held stereotypes, the trucking industry is one of the most modern and forward-moving industries to date. In fact, even more so than many industries, the trucking industry is changing with the times and going in an extremely positive direction.

A Distinct Emphasis Environmental Responsibility

new Textrecruit article National trucking companies celebrated Earth Day by planting biodiversity gardens and riding bikes to work.

When environmental issues entered the forefront of public consideration, it was as if trucking companies immediately realized their deep responsibility when it came to taking care of the environment. Though other industries might have an equal role to play, many have not stepped up to the plate.

National trucking companies celebrated Earth Day by having Earth Day ceremonies, and by sharing smaller employee acts like planting biodiversity gardens and riding bikes to work. They also discussed their work and research in their current projects to increase sustainability, environmental friendliness, recycling and environmental stewardship. Steve Phillips, Warner Enterprises VP of Fleet Resources gave a talk during the company's Earth Day ceremonies. Warner Enterprises is a leader in fuel conservation and has, "conserved over 120 million gallons of fuel since 2007, and reduced their carbon footprint more than​ 1.3 million tons."

The Alternative Clean Transportation Expo, or ACT Expo, will take place in Dallas, TX May 4-7, 2015 and in Long Beach, CA May 2-5, 2016. Trucking companies and industry players meet at the ACT Expo to discuss ALL trucking weight classes in relation to ALL alternative fuel sources including, hybrid, electric, natural gas, hydrogen, renewable fuels and autogas.

Most trucking companies seem to agree that there's an industry-wide desire to reduce fuel costs, fuel emissions and the industry's overall carbon footprint. Not only will meeting these goals help the planet, but the industry will continue to grow and remain profitable as well because of it. ACT Expo administrators work hand-in-hand with "Clean Cities," teams from all over the country.

Modern Recruitment and Hiring Strategies

According to recent news reports, two labor industries are booming. The new apartment construction industry and the trucking industry. Though these economic times have been scary for many workers, there really is work available now, (well, at least for the next few months until word gets around), for people who have the qualifications, or are willing to get them.

In fact, in the trucking industry, WGAL reports that the average starting salary is $48,000 and that companies are reporting up to 30 job openings at a time. The young trainee the reporter interviewed for the story, had a job already waiting for him when he graduated truck driving school.

Truck driving is an excellent long-term career that offers job security and high pay. Many older truck drivers are retiring, so there's lots of room for new candidates in the modern trucking industry. Entrepreneur Magazine ran a new TextRecruit article discussing the role of text messaging in the hiring process.

According to the article, stores sold 1.3 billion smartphones in 2014; nearly all adults have a cell phone, (a number that's expected to grow); and 47% of millennials used their mobile phones throughout their job search and interview process. Because of this dramatic change in job seeking and communication habits, developers created the TextRecruit platform to enable recruiters to take advantage of this huge candidate rich market.

TextRecruit allows recruiters to:

  • Text candidates throughout the recruiting and interview process,
  • Send mass texts to on-file resume candidates about new job openings, and
  • Track text opens and responses, to eliminate confusion, and determine what candidates are really interested

The trucking industry is a modern industry offering candidates, great pay and benefits, exceptional job security and the pleasure of working in a forward-moving, yet essential industry. TextRecruit gives you the resources you need to attract exceptional applicants. Contact us to learn more.

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