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Keep Your Candidates Organized By Using TextRecruit Groups

By Birch Faber February 5, 2016

Recruiters are often asked to hire for multiple positions at the same time. It can be tricky to..

SHRM Announces Recruiting Trends for 2016

By Birch Faber February 1, 2016

Among all of SHRM's 2016 recruiting trend predictions, the common, unifying thread is a..

The Secret to Writing Better Job Descriptions

By Birch Faber January 25, 2016

When there is a new job opening at your company and it's time to write the job description it's..

Two-Thirds of Employers Are Now Using Mobile Recruiting

By Birch Faber January 11, 2016

Last week SHRM released the results of their survey on Using Social Media for Talent..

What Exactly is Mobile Recruiting?

By Birch Faber December 30, 2015

Mobile recruiting isn’t easy to define because it’s constantly evolving. Every day its scope..

Partner Spotlight: Beyond.com

By Birch Faber December 29, 2015

This is the second in a series of spotlights that will highlight our partnerships in talent..

Mobile Recruiting Tip: Forget the Period in that Text Message

By Birch Faber December 17, 2015

One of the great advantages to mobile recruiting is the ability to engage in casual,..

7 Ways Mobile Recruiting Can Make Your Employee Onboarding Great

By Birch Faber December 16, 2015

Onboarding is the loneliest human resource function at the dance. It’s usually standing in the..

3 Mobile Recruiting Trends You Need to Know for 2016

By Birch Faber December 10, 2015

On Wednesday Deloitte released their annual Global Mobile Consumer Survey and as predicted..

The Biggest Social Recruiting Network isn't LinkedIn

By Birch Faber December 2, 2015

The Atlantic calls it “the quiet king” of social networks with a dominance that is both obvious..

Recruiting Hack: Create Automated Text Responses to Candidates

By Birch Faber November 30, 2015

Imagine you are just reaching out to a group of candidates for the first time with a text like: ..

3 Reasons to be Thankful For Your Talent Acquisition Team

By Birch Faber November 24, 2015

When you are seated around the dinner table with your friends and family this Thanksgiving, and..

How Texting and Recruitment Marketing Can Fill Your Talent Pipeline

By Birch Faber November 19, 2015

Recruitment marketing is all about candidate engagement. How can you attract and nurture..

The Best Time of Day to Text Candidates

By Birch Faber November 16, 2015

After a lot of hard work it’s finally time to schedule your text message to candidates.

You have..

Three Rules for Writing an Effective Text Recruiting Message

By Birch Faber November 5, 2015
First impressions matter. Today I received an email from a new business contact that had..

TextRecruit Launches New Platform - Gives Recruiters Fresh Insights into Texting Campaigns

By Birch Faber November 4, 2015

TextRecruit LLC, a global leader in mobile recruiting, unveiled a new user platform for its..

Mobile Devise Usage: Texting is Sleeker than Apps

By Erik November 3, 2015

Why bother using a smart phone app if texting is quicker and better? Developer wisdom seems to tell..

Trends from the HR Tech Conference

By Kim Chitwood October 27, 2015

Reflecting on the 2015 HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada made us want to revisit two..

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