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Mobile Trends that have Influenced the Past and Present of Phone Technology

By Erik February 3, 2015

The mobile phone was big and bulky during its inception. As mobile trends and society progressed,..

Mobile Device Usage Has Moved Away From Blackberry Dramatically

By Erik January 29, 2015

The demand for Blackberry products has been a great example of a crash and burn type story as far..

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Text Message Retail Recruiting

By Erik January 20, 2015

Retail stores have the unique predicament of extremely high turnover rates. This means that they..

Could Retail Recruiting Start Invading Your Phone?

By Erik January 15, 2015

Setting dinner plans, talking about your day with friends, and now retail recruiting? These are a..

How HR Technology Will Be Used For Recruiting And Work-Life Balance

By Erik January 13, 2015

Human resources departments are scurrying around determining which new technologies to use in 2015...

The Mobile Trends You Can Count On In 2015

By Erik December 25, 2014

Predicting the future is never an easy business. The only thing that projectionists can rely on are..

Mobile Trends Point To Greater Use Of Text Message Marketing

By Erik November 22, 2014

Business leaders from all industries are now pondering what it would mean if they were to start..

A Means Of Recruiting That Can Be Tracked And Optimized

By Erik November 15, 2014

Recruiting new employees has always been a matter of competition between various companies. They..

Mobile Trends: Time Spent On Smartphones Is Climbing Rapidly

By Erik November 13, 2014

To say that we are all attached to our smartphones is actually a bit of an understatement. Mobile..

Top Tips for Business Texting Etiquette

By Erik November 3, 2014

Text messaging is becoming the most efficient way to communicate, especially within businesses. ..

Now offering Bulk Texting pricing

By Erik June 7, 2014

You can now use TextRecruit for texting campaigns, and still have all the benefits of the..

New TextRecruit Feature: Introducing Salesforce Integration

By Erik June 2, 2014

After careful evaluation on the space and reviewing options with our customers, we are proud to..

TextRecruit's First Press

By Erik March 24, 2014

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