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Millennial Job Seeking Trends: 2 Pitfalls To Escaping Their Parent's Basement

By Erik December 2, 2014

The millennial generation has received more attention in the media than perhaps any other..

Millennial Job Seeking Trends: Listening To The Kids

By Erik November 14, 2014

The millennial generation has received some harsh criticism in the media. Many have played up the..

Mobile Trends: Time Spent On Smartphones Is Climbing Rapidly

By Erik November 13, 2014

To say that we are all attached to our smartphones is actually a bit of an understatement. Mobile..

How Mobile Recruiting Can Be Used To Reach Millienials

By Erik November 10, 2014

Millennials are more than happy to go to work for a lot of different kinds of business if they are..

TextRecruit Mobile Texting Application

By Erik September 18, 2014


Now offering Bulk Texting pricing

By Erik June 7, 2014

You can now use TextRecruit for texting campaigns, and still have all the benefits of the..

New TextRecruit Feature: Introducing Salesforce Integration

By Erik June 2, 2014

After careful evaluation on the space and reviewing options with our customers, we are proud to..

New TextRecruit Feature: Scheduled TextRecruit Campaigns

By Erik April 18, 2014

Since TextRecruit's soft launch in March, we have had many client requests for new features in our..

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Join us for the next Mobile Recruiting webinar

By Erik April 14, 2014

Did you know that 80% of mobile users say they research career opportunities on their phone or..

3 Texting Fundamentals for Recruiters

By Erik April 9, 2014

Hey all you happy texters out there. I hope you are having a great week, and your bracket didn't..

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TextRecruit's First Press

By Erik March 24, 2014

[testimonials type='normal'..

March Mobile Recruiting Trends Newsletter

By Erik March 20, 2014

After some hard work, and many revisions, today we released the March Mobile Recruiting Trends..

Mobile Recruiting is Not a Fad

By Erik March 18, 2014

Mobile Recruiting has been a "buzz" word for the last 5 years and the International Data..

The TOP 10 Things to Do at the 2014 SIA Executive Forum

By Erik March 17, 2014

The last few weeks have been busy for the TextRecruit team. Launch, marketing, press, user feedback..

TextRecruit Launch Week

By Erik March 8, 2014

Happy Saturday!

5 Tips for Texting Candidates

By Erik February 6, 2014

1. Make a statement in 160 characters - Text messages can only be 160 characters, or they break..

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