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Best Practices for Texting with Candidates

By Michelle Vu September 4, 2019

The accessibility of texting has grown tremendously in the past decade, so much that it has..

TextRecruit Ari Analytics

By Yolanda Coquia July 22, 2019

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition is here. As employers begin to..

TextRecruit Virtual Career Fairs

By Ameya Deshmukh April 5, 2019

Scaling a recruiting events strategy across disparate geographies poses a challenge for..

20 Recruiting Trends of 2019

By Kristine Le March 18, 2019

2019 presents a new talent acquisition landscape that requires high emotional and technical..

How To Get Local Applicants for Part Time Jobs Through Facebook

By Kristine Le March 18, 2019

We’ve all heard of social media, but have you heard of social recruiting? Forget the job boards,..

On-Demand Ari Automation

By Ameya Deshmukh February 1, 2019

We're handing you the reigns recruiters. There is a new easy button for automation within..

TextRecruit Advanced Reporting

By Ameya Deshmukh February 1, 2019

The competition for talent hasn't gotten any easier, and the pressure is on for talent..

1000 Companies Used TextRecruit to Send 80 Million Text Messages in 2018

By Ameya Deshmukh January 15, 2019

Since our founding four years ago, we've helped employers make it easier for job seekers to..

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How To Build A Text Recruiting Program You Can Be Proud Of

By Katrina Kibben November 11, 2018

Remember when eMails were the cool, new way to communicate? Yeah, me either.

3 Candidate Engagement Best Practices

By Ameya Deshmukh October 22, 2018

Recruiters who follow candidate engagement best practices are able to fill positions faster..

How Dierbergs Markets Improved their Candidate Communications

By Ameya Deshmukh October 10, 2018

For business owners, retaining and hiring desk-less workers continues to prove a challenge. A..

5 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers this Holiday Season

By Ameya Deshmukh October 4, 2018

If you're struggling to fill your retail positions this year, you aren't alone. Retailers all..

Introducing Automated Scheduling

By Ameya Deshmukh September 28, 2018

As recruiters, we know that playing email and phone tag when scheduling interviews can cause..

TextRecruit Extension Now Includes Inbox, Templates

By Birch Faber September 6, 2018

You never know where you are going to find the perfect candidate to text. It could be on your..

Why We are Launching TextRecruit for Staffing

By Ameya Deshmukh August 10, 2018

Over the past three years we have learned that staffing needs can be much different than those..

4 Ways to Use TextApply

By Ameya Deshmukh July 27, 2018

TextApply helps you create an engaging application experience that candidates can use on the go..

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5 Tips for Better Candidate Engagement

By Helen Citrin June 29, 2018

Take your HR professional's hat off for a moment and think back to the last time you interviewed..

The Difference Short Codes Can Make for Your Candidate Experience

By Ameya Deshmukh June 22, 2018

There is a massive candidate experience discrepancy that currently exists in the retail sector...

Clearlink Makes 600 Hires in Q1 With TextRecruit

By Ameya Deshmukh June 15, 2018

Clearlink combines the best people with the smartest technology to provide intelligent..

How to Use Short Codes to Take on the Hiring Effort in Construction

By Anthony Carducci June 8, 2018

Construction. It is very easy to take for granted. But chances are, wherever you are reading..

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