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Threaded Messaging Comes To TextRecruit

Threaded Messaging Comes To TextRecruit - Makes Hiring Conversations Organized & Easy To Follow

When you’re communicating with multiple candidates in TextRecruit, conversations can move quickly and cover a lot of ground. For example, you might develop a relationship with your candidates over live chat, text message, and a chat application. Modern recruiting moves fast, but with the right tools you can manage it to hire better candidates faster. 

Introducing threaded messaging a new way to view messages that makes it easier to follow and manage the variety of conversations happening in TextRecruit. 

Combines All Communication Channels: 

Say a candidate sends you a message on Job Chat, a live chat window you can place anywhere on your website, and you encourage the candidate to apply to your open position. A few days pass, the candidate applies, and shows up in your ATS. 

You’ve forgotten about them, having had multiple other conversations since then. Threading helps in moments like these. TextRecruit’s new threading feature enables you to pull up your entire messaging history for any candidate with a single click. Armed with context from the thread, you send the candidate a personalized text message from your TextRecruit mobile app and schedule an interview for next week. 

With threading you can view your entire chronological messaging history with any candidate. Threading ensures you feel prepared, helps you personalize communications, and assists you in delivering a great candidate experience. 

Gives You The Entire Context Quickly: 

Prior to threading, text messages were displayed one at a time in the TextRecruit dashboard. Now each message is shown in the context of the entire conversation you’re having with your candidate. 


Conversations That Ari Your Recruiting AI Initiates Also Display In Threads

The new way TextRecruit displays threaded messages makes the platform more intuitive and helps you work faster. Now, conversations with candidates are grouped by campaign - each campaign starts a new thread with your candidate. Messages display more intuitively by displaying under the candidates name in your dashboard. 

We’re excited to release threading on TextRecruit and know that you’ll be recruiting more efficiently with it. Ready to explore how TextRecruit can help you hire better talent faster? Get a demo of TextRecruit. 

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