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The Recruiting AI And HR Chatbot Gold Rush

The Recruiting AI And HR Chatbot Gold Rush
When 75-88% of resumes you receive are unqualified, solutions that promise to increase your applicant volume sound horrible. No one wants to increase the amount of unqualified applicants they have to wade through. But when you don't have time to engage with everyone that applies - you might be missing something. 
But here's what you might be overlooking. In that stream of unqualified, uninterested, just plain awful applicants...there's a few that are perfect for the roles you're hiring for
Let's talk about prospecting. Not sales prospecting. Gold prospecting. 

Right now, imagine you're a prospector in 1848 - the start of the California gold rush.
There's streams out there - filled with gold. You just have to find them and use simple techniques like panning the water. Boom - gold. Recruiting using TextRecruit's candidate engagement platform is like being a gold miner in the early days of the gold rush. Not many companies are using mobile recruiting strategies to increase their applicant volume and improve candidate engagement. That means if you start using text messages to recruit you'll already be outperforming your competition. 
Now, some companies are communicating with candidates via text message, but not many have deployed live chat for careers pages and job ads.  And even less have a recruiting AI that "sifts through the silt" and finds them gold. It's about time you got yourself some gold, wouldn't you agree?
How TextRecruit Gets You More Candidates and Filters Out Those Who Aren't Right For Your Role: 
TextRecruit's top of funnel candidate engagement tools Job Chat and TextApply divert "more water into your stream." TextRecruit starts optimizing your hiring funnel by turning your stream into a raging riverBut when you're standing next to a raging river, a pan isn't enough to prospect for gold. It'll get ripped right out of your hands. After all, even with your current applicant volume it takes an average of 23 days to make a hire. If you add even more applicants, your organization could get overwhelmed by the sudden deluge.
That's the first place where a recruiting AI can help.
Adding a recruiting AI to your top of funnel is like installing a massive dam in your raging river. A dam that runs almost entirely by itself and spits out pure gold. Because when you have an AI doing the heavy lifting by screening out the 75 to 88% of resumes that are pure dirt...you save time and money.
And because every river is different, we build our dams custom every single time.
That means Ari, our base recruiting AI, gets built according to your exact requirements. You can customize everything about Ari - starting with it's name. Call your Ari Jimmy, John, or Julie - whatever fits best with your employer brand. Call it robo-recruiter if you like.
Next, we decide together what kind of data you need and what kinds of screening questions you want Ari to ask. There's a few more steps that will be revealed once you talk to our product team, but we'll have that conversation down the roadOnce we complete the technical wizardry, Ari is connected to IBM Watson (the most powerful AI on the planet.)
You're essentially getting a IBM Watson level AI configured for your exact recruiting process, and we don't stop thereLet's get back to your hiring funnel.
Here's what's happened by now:
1. You've deployed TextRecruit's top of funnel candidate engagement solutions.
2. You're seeing a massive influx of applicants.
3. Your recruiters are having a hard time keeping up even with TextRecruit's insane engagement metrics. (99% open rates and +30% response rates with a majority of responses in 15 minutes or less)
4. You need a solution to help you manage this massive new workflow. (You're also happy because frankly this is a great problem to have.)
5. You've contacted our team and have built out your very own gold panning machine - Ari.
You press the big red button and deploy Ari.
(Note that there is no actual big red button, but if you really want one it can be arranged.) You know what, it's actually a lime green button - this is TextRecruit after all. Button colors aside, the moment has arrived. Filled with anticipation, your finger hesitates and hovers over the button.
"Do it already!"
One of your stressed out recruiters has slammed her hand over yours, pressing the button, and activating AriYou step back from your control panel in shock, you weren't ready to release the hounds! It's out of your control, and you don't know what's going to happen. Will you lose your job? Will the AI go haywire and start sending candidates dirty jokes? A bead of sweat starts to form on your forehead, trickling down the sides of your face, you look like you just finished a marathon and you're sitting at your deskYou're not even doing anything. Sitting, watching, waiting. Eyes glued to your TextRecruit dashboard.
Your team gathers around behind your chair.
The tension is palpable. You could cut it with a butter knife, spread it on a bagel, and throw chives on it like it's your afternoon snack. Hundreds of personalized messages are going out, responses are coming in, and applicants are getting screened out.
The silt is shifting, with each rinse, your pan starts to shine a little more, it grows brighter and brighter. Your face lights up as the sun reflects off the gold you've found, and it's only been fifteen minutes since you deployed Ari. 
Over 30% of the applicants Ari reached out to for you have responded, had conversations with your AI and have been screenedSure there's been a few times when Ari didn't know the answer, but that's why we built a safeguard. When Ari doesn't know the answer to a candidates question - it brings a recruiter into the conversation. Your recruiters have had to hop in here and there, but it's nothing compared to the work they did before.
And Ari isn't making the same mistake twice, because it learns. The moment comes to a close. Ari's engaged the applicants in your funnel, and returned candidates. Your life just got a whole lot better.
You finally exhale a sigh of relief. The clouds part, your shoulders relax, and you lean back in your chair grinning. Where has AI been all my life?
You just successfully automated 80% of your initial outreach, engagement, and screening. But it get's even better. If you're using calendly - you can send out a TextRecruit campaign and have your candidates automatically schedule time on your recruiters' calendarsAfter that you can have Ari send them appointment reminders and reschedule if needed.

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The Recruiting AI And HR Chatbot Gold Rush


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