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The Future of Text Recruiting with Chad and Cheese

The Future of Text Recruiting with Chad & Cheese

HR funding closed out 2016 with a record deal count of 402 deals worth collectively around $2.2 billion in funding. Subsequently in 2017, AI, live chat, sentiment analysis, and team communication products are abound in the HR tech marketplace. However, even with the proliferation of HR communications technology, cutting through the noise and reaching candidates continues to prove challenging. The single exception seems to be text message which maintains 99% open rates. 

Fortune 500 employers who describe themselves as "talent centric" are using text messaging to achieve their hiring goals faster at less cost than before. Over the last 2 years, their recruiters used text messages to hire healthcare professionals, sales professionals, account executives, truck drivers, software engineers, and more. Now, near the end of 2017, simply communicating via text messaging seems old-hat. So, what's next in text recruiting

Chiefly, the next stage in employer communication redefines the playing field by adding automation and AI to widely used SMS strategies. Join Erik Kostelnik, Joel Cheeseman, and Chad Sowash on The Chad and Cheese Webinar Series as they predict what the future of text recruiting will look like. 

Inside, you'll learn: 

  • What shifting candidate behaviors mean for your hiring 
  • How Fortune 500 employers use SMS to reduce cost per hire, and time to hire. 
  • How A.I and automation are redefining candidate communication 

The Future of Text Recruiting with Chad & Cheese

Industry experts Joel Cheeseman & Chad Sowash of Chad and Cheese,  and Erik Kostelnik of TextRecruit are going to show you the future of text recruiting. You won’t want to miss this!

The webinar begins on the dot at 2PM EST ad 11AM PST on October 17th, 2017.


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