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How Text Messaging Is Solving the Biggest Challenges Recruiters Are Facing

The biggest challenges recruiters are facing and how to attack them

In today’s competitive job market, it’s becoming increasingly easy for recruiters to get frustrated sifting through a sea of talent in order to uncover the best candidates. Today, let’s focus on the biggest issues that recruiters are facing and how to attack those issues head-on.

     1. Let's be honest, there's a shortage of good-quality candidates.

Sure, it may be easy to find a potential candidate for your open position. But how do we know that they’re the best one for the job? According to Matthew Kosinski of Recruiter.com, “54% of hiring managers say that differentiating the right candidate from a sea of applicants is the most difficult part of the hiring process” and “77% of hiring managers say that recruiters’ screening processes are inadequate”.

With thousands of applicants job searching everyday, how do we ease the pain of finding the right person for the job? Well, text messaging can help with that. You can leverage text messaging and artificial intelligence to send out automated messages to potential candidates. You can ask them about their qualifications, experience, and all the other tedious questions pertaining to the initial screening process so you can spend more time communicating with only the best candidates. By leveraging artificial intelligence to communicate with applicants, you can cut out up to 80 percent of your work as a recruiter.


  1.   Candidates are often deciding between multiple job offers. Don’t let them slip away.

It would be naive to think that you’re the only company a candidate is talking to. If they are on the hunt for a job, odds are they’re applying to multiple companies at a time. How can you ensure that they’ll pick you over that other company?

Text messaging has, on average, a 40% response rate with most responses coming in under 30 minutes. This is significantly better than, say, email or InMail via LinkedIn. The quicker a candidate gets through the screening process, the quicker you can bring them in for an interview and expose them to your company culture and sell them on why they should work for you.


  1.   Maintaining a relationship with your candidates. Don’t let them lose interest.

Thousands of recruiters are reaching out to candidates every day. What will set you apart from those other guys? Why should you get a response over another recruiter? Sadly, “only 14% of candidates feel companies are responsive to them throughout the interview process”, according to Kosinski.

One of the most important parts of recruiting is building a relationship with that candidate. The job searching process tends to be rather monotonous, with the same automated emails being sent out to large masses. With text recruiting, personalized, automated messages can be sent out to maintain that dialogue with candidates. There is no lack of communication and your candidates can stay informed throughout the entire hiring process.


  1.    Employee retention. It’s one thing to acquire talent, but can you keep it?

Great, you’ve sent out the offer letter and they’ve accepted! But what now? Engagement shouldn’t stop once the individual has been acquired. To further your company culture or brand in order to recruit future candidates, you want to make sure that all of your employees are getting the most out of their experience, with engagement and performance through the roof. This is another sector where you can take advantage of text messaging in order to engage employees more effectively. You can manage onboarding tasks, stay on top of scheduling, and send out reminders about important dates or emergency preparedness.

The recruiting world is ever-changing and adapting to the times. But, if we can pinpoint and solve some of the biggest issues such as these, there is no doubt that recruiters’ lives will become significantly easier. So, what are you waiting for? Happy recruiting!

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