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The Best Way to Reduce Your Career Page Bounce Rate

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 76% of job candidates conduct searches across multiple platforms before applying. This number is daunting to say the least. How can recruiters know where to allocate their resources or budget when potential candidates are shopping around so much for the perfect job? You need a way to engage and interact with your candidates to keep them from moving on to the next platform or job posting. This is exactly why more and more recruiters are taking proactive steps to reduce their bounce rates to better their chance of making the most out of each visit.

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a site that navigate away after viewing only one page. For most websites, this number sits around 55%. Needless to say, you want this number to be as low as possible. Unfortunately, lowering your bounce rate to an ideal 40-45% is a very tricky endeavor, especially for career sites. Applications are often long and roadblocks are inevitable. You need to find a way to engage your applicants and keep them informed and interested throughout the application, as well as prevent them from feeling frustrated or discouraged.

A live-chat window can help alleviate this issue. It acts as a constant resource to guide candidates through the application process. There is an array of questions that go through an applicant’s mind when considering a job. If your candidate lives in New York and is inquiring about a job in San Jose, they need to know about your company’s relocation process, or whether or not working remotely is an option. They may also be pursuing one specific job when they would be a perfect fit for another area of your company. When these questions go unanswered, it is very unlikely that your potential candidates will turn into applicants, and your bounce rate goes up.

Keeping candidates engaged during the job searching process has become an absolute necessity. With job seekers using so many different platforms, live-chat has become an invaluable tool for lowering bounce rates and making each site visit count. It could be the difference maker your company needs to build the perfect team.


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