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The 1 Thing Top Recruiters Do With Their Job Ads That Make Them More Effective

The 1 Things Top Recruiters Do With Their Job Ads That Make Them More Effective

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar - your job ads are active for 30 to 60 days. You’re clicking update on your ATS dashboard, but new applicants just aren’t coming in. Even when you do get an applicant, simply getting in touch with them for a screening call requires you to make eight phone calls, voicemails, and emails.

Your manager’s breathing down your neck, costs are mounting, and time to hire continues to rise. The metrics you’re evaluated on aren’t improving, the position is still open, and there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do to improve your yield.  The stress is mounting and the massage chair HR installed in the break room isn't going to cut it anymore. 

You’ve read every blog post on the internet about “How To Write The Perfect Job Description”, you’ve watched videos about it, you’ve attended HR conferences where you’ve heard influencers and experts explain it in detail. Your job description couldn’t get any better unless you hired a professional job description writing agency to do it. 

You exclaim - why am not getting more applicants? 

There’s definitely nothing wrong with your targeting. You researched the right job boards for your market. You consulted the job board’s customer success team and ensured you deployed all of their recommended best practices on your advertising. You set the right budget, had patience, and trusted that this would produce the results you were looking for. 

But it hasn't. 

So, when another month passes and you still haven’t hit your hiring goals, you’re left confused and wondering why this is all happening. You’re beginning to think there really is something to those articles titled “Job Boards are dead” or "5 Reasons To Kill Your Careers Page". 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Job boards and job advertising are still a massive source of applicants. Your issues aren’t with your writing style, targeting, or budgeting. Your careers pages and job board ads just aren’t engaging enough.

You see, user behavior has changed online. Nowadays, when people visit any website they want and expect to be contacted by a person or bot through a chat window. That’s exactly what JobChat delivers. 

JobChat, TextRecruit’s live chat solution, places a live chat window on your job advertisements and careers pages. Your recruiters can use this live chat window to answer candidate questions, encourage job seekers to apply, screen applicants, and even set up interview dates. With JobChat you could convert a click on your job ad to an interview in 15 minutes or less. There’s never been a more expedient way to engage. 

Deploy JobChat on your careers pages & job ads to see decreased bounce rates, increased conversions, and more engagement on all your open positions. Book a demo to learn more. 


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