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TextRecruit Wins Startup of the Year at 2016 International Best in Biz Awards

BiBA-2016-Intl-silver-highresThe TextRecruit team is honored to be named Startup of the Year at the 2016 International Best in Biz Awards. More than 270 public and private companies hailing from all sectors of the global economy from more than 30 countries competed in Best in Biz Awards’ fourth annual International program.

“Just as prior years, novel companies keep insisting on solving problems we did not even consider had a better solution than classic ones,” said Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy, judging his third Best in Biz Awards International competition. “We need to stop relying on the comfortable “that’s the way it is” and insist on the disruptive way of thinking these bright minds present. We face problems everyday and we can act to solve them efficiently.

TextRecruit joins a host of other global winners including industry leaders like Callidus Cloud, O.C. Tanner, TaskUs and Vonage.

“Companies taking the next step to the future: getting better, not staying with what someone thinks is already perfect, ultimately thinking of making life or work better for the people using their products," said Dominique Ziesemer of ARD, "That’s why I like to judge in Best in Biz Awards – it’s a short view into the future.”

Best in Biz Awards’ uniqueness stems, in part, from the composition of its judging panel. Only writers, journalists, and contributors to business, consumer, financial, trade and technology publications, as well as broadcast outlets and analyst firms, are invited to serve as judges each year. Structured this way, Best in Biz Awards is able to leverage the experience and expertise of an influential group of global opinion-makers to determine award winners.

Winners in the 4th annual program were determined based on scoring from an international panel of judges from top-tier news, business, finance, and technology publications and media outlets from 15 countries and all continents. This year’s judging panel included writers and contributors to such publications as ARD (Germany), Australian (Australia), Bennett Business Connections (Canada), Computer Hoy (Spain), CTV (Canada), Gamers Intuition (United States), HT Mobile (Israel), IAA Magazine (United Arab Emirates), InBusiness (Cyprus and Greece), Irish Independent (Ireland), J Arnold & Associates (Canada), Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates), PC Format (United Kingdom), PC Pro (United Kingdom), Radio Ngati Porou (New Zealand), Ventures Africa and Enterprise54.com (Nigeria), Vyapar (India) and Wirausaha & Keuangan (Indonesia).

For a full list of winners in Best in Biz Awards 2016 International, visit: http://intl.bestinbizawards.com/intl-2016-winners.

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