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TextHR Is Released to Help HR Engage Employees With Text Messaging


If you are human you have probably let an email from HR slip through the cracks at some point in your career. You glanced over it when it first arrived in your inbox, made a mental note to get back to it when you had more free time, and then totally forgot about it. Last year Human Resource Executive reported that only 30 percent of employees are happy with the communications they receive from HR, and 50 percent feel indifferent. 

Emails from HR are often considered tedious, but the fact is they can have a tremendous impact on one's compensation, benefits, professional growth, and safety. A workforce that is disconnected from HR can decrease retention and productivity, which is one reason why HR is looking to improve communication with employees.

TextHR is a new platform built to help HR teams use text messaging to engage employees. Why text messaging? Because text messages average 99% open rates and 3x the response rates of emails. Employees that work at a desk or in the field have a mobile device by their side and short, clear SMS messages are easy to interpret and act on. But everyone has text messaging on their phones, why did we create TextHR?

  1. Personalization: Sending texts to hundreds and thousands of employees shouldn't come across as a mass message. Mail merge features allow you to include people's first names, last time, titles and other information to personalize each message.
  2. Workflows: Creating new messages over and over again can be time-consuming so TextHR includes templates. No need to completely rewrite your message about open enrollment
  3. Compliance: Employees have a right to opt out of receiving messages and with TextHR any negative keywords like "Stop" or "Remove me" will automatically remove those individuals from future messaging.
  4. Integrations: HRIS and HRMS integration make it easy to add employees into your TextHR account. You can also view previous messaging history so you can see which candidates received which messages and when.
  5. Analytics: View open rates, response rates, and other key indicators from all your text campaigns to better understand your employee's behavior and optimize future messaging.

Today HR teams are using TextHR to communicate with employees about onboarding, training, open enrollment, payroll, benefits administration, emergency preparedness and more. To start a risk-free trial you can sign up for a free demo of TextHR here.

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