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How to Use TextRecruit's Inbox to Achieve Text Message Zero

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In the world of email there is a mountain that few recruiters have ever scaled called inbox zero. It's the towering goal of keeping your inbox completely empty, and efficiently organizing every email that arrives. TextRecruit's new inbox is built to help recruiters take charge of their candidate messaging and achieve text message zero. Here's how.

When you log into your TextRecruit account, in addition to the existing Messages tab on the sidebar you will see a tab called "My Inbox." By clicking this tab you are taken to a view that only features unread messages that are in your account. No need to scroll through the hundreds of messages in the Messages tab. You should use your inbox as your primary gateway to candidate engagement. Here is a screenshot of My Inbox:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.31.26 AM

In this inbox we only have one unread message that has come from Birch Faber. Now we have the option to reply to the candidate from My Inbox, add a Star to this candidate for future follow-up, or click the Mailbox in the top left corner to mark this message as read. Three options that can help you maintain a clean inbox and ensure your team is text messaging candidates efficiently. For more insights on using TextRecruit to increase candidate engagement visit our Training Videos.

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