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TextRecruit Adds Call Forwarding, Send Time Window and More New Features


Every year around the holidays, my Aunt Bev used to tell me,  "Too much of a good thing is just enough." TextRecruit's latest update to the platform brings so many features for HR and recruiters to love it's hard to know where to start. From simplifying the process of creating campaigns and sending messages, to giving users more control in customizing their account - there is literally something in this update for everyone.

TextRecruit's update includes campaign notifications, an upload status bar, customizable opt-out messages, send time windows and call forwarding. OK enough chatter, it's time for the grand tour:


Campaign Notifications 

When onboarding new users one of the most frequent questions we get is: "So what do I do next?" In the new update, users receive notifications that indicate whether they still need to add candidates, create a message, or are ready to send their campaign. This means more efficient recruiting and less time being confused about the next step.

Upload Status Bar

Many TextRecruit customers have asked if there is a way to tell whether a candidate file upload is still in progress. The problem was that a team would upload 1,000+ candidates, which as you might imagine takes a few minutes, but there was no way to know whether the upload had failed or was still processing. The solution is an upload status bar. It allows HR and recruiting teams to see the progress of their uploads so they are never left wondering about the status.

Customizable Opt-out Messages

HR and recruiting teams want to offer candidates and employees the best possible communication experience, and giving them a clear opportunity to opt out from receiving text messages is key. Although TextRecruit's average unsubscribe rate is under 1%, users can now automatically attach an opt-out option to their first message. Allowing users to customize this message will help our customers stay true to the messaging tone and style of their brand.

Send Time Windows

No one likes receiving text messages at 2:00am even if they are regarding an amazing new job opportunity. Enabling and setting a send time window for your account ensures that the messages you schedule to send to candidates and employees are only delivered during a certain set of hours. So if one of your recruiters accidentally schedules an interview reminder for 2:00am instead of 2:00pm, the candidate won't be up all night wondering why your team is sending messages in the middle of the night.

Call Forwarding

Last, but certainly not least, on this list is call forwarding. TextRecruit's default mode is to have phone calls made to your TextRecruit number routed into a voicemail system and then transcribed into message. Enabling call forwarding and entering your phone number will redirect calls made to your TextRecruit number to any phone line you wish: your work number, home number or mobile number. Call forwarding can increase your response rate by making it easier for your candidates to reach you.

We hope that all the new features in this product update make your life easier! If you have any more ideas on how we can make TextRecruit better feel free to email us at support@textrecruit.com. If you want to spend more time seeing these features in action you can sign up for one of our TextRecruit webinars here. 


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