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Recruiting Hack: Create Automated Text Responses to Candidates

Imagine you are just reaching out to a group of candidates for the first time with a text like: “Hey Kim - We have an opening for a Customer Support Associate at our Phoenix office. Are you interested? -Birch”

Kim answers: “Yes!” Now every recruiter has a preferred way to follow-up after a candidate expresses interest. Follow-up comments and questions from recruiters usually look something like this:

“Are you free for a phone conversation next week?", “Do you have 2-3 years of relevant experience?”,
“Can you start in our Phoenix office on 12/30?”


The Problem


Your first reaction might be to write separate responses to each candidate, but managing candidate follow-up manually is problematic for two reasons:

(1) It’s extremely time consuming, especially for recruiters engaging multiple candidates simultaneously.

(2) Manual responses mean delays, which can leave candidates less engaged than an immediate response might.


The Hack



These two problems are why TextRecruit created the automated text response tool. Whenever you create a new text campaign you have the option to create an automated response for instant engagement when candidates reply.

By creating an automated text response, you can immediately let your candidates know what the next steps will be, whether they are qualified for the position, or if they need to fill out an application online.

Start your 15-day free trial today to start setting up your automated text responses. And because this tool is totally customizable - I would love to hear how you are creatively using it to increase candidate engagement and save yourself time.


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