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How to Target the Right Talent With Your Recruiting Texts

MD91SYK9UFRecruiters work with a lot of different people. People that live in different cities, people with different experience levels and people that are seeking different types of jobs. That can make it tricky to consistently send the right recruiting text message to the right group of people.

In a previous post, I wrote about some tricks to keep your candidates organized using TextRecruit Groups. Now there is a great way to use multiple group types to target candidates in your TextRecruit account that are perfect for the jobs you are advertising.

Let me explain.

Previously, when you filtered through candidates in your TextRecruit account, you were only able to select one group type like: "Full-time" or "94110." So you had to choose whether you wanted to focus on full-time candidates or candidates that lived in the zip code 94110.

With our latest platform update, you can filter candidates by both "Full-time" and "94110" to get only job seekers looking for full-time positions in the 94110 zip code. I go through exactly how this works in the one-minute training video below.



As always you can view all of TextRecruit's training videos here.

You can also request a demo with one of our experts to see if mobile recruiting is a good fit for your team.

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