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Customize Your TextRecruit Voicemail Message

S4541GKUE4TextRecruit is a mobile recruiting platform that leverages text messaging, so why configure your voicemail? The reason is that even though you are messaging candidates and most of the time they will message you back, there may be a few that try to call your TextRecruit number. This is how to make sure candidates know it's your voicemail... 

All TextRecruit accounts come with a default voicemail message of "Thank you for calling. Please leave a message at the tone." Then when a candidate leaves a message that recording is converted into a .wav file and will appear in your message.

If you want to change that message to include your company name or just thank them for their interest in career opportunities just sign into your TextRecruit account. Then click on profile in the top right corner. You will then see an empty field titled "Voicemail Message" that you can fill in with your customizable message (see the screenshot below).




You may also notice that you have the option to disable your voicemail. The candidate will not be able to leave a voicemail, but will still receive an automated message. For more great tips on making the most of TextRecruit read more articles on features here.

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