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TextRecruit and Monster are Partnering to Help You Hire Better Talent Faster

TextRecruit and Monster are Partnering to Help You Hire Better Talent Faster

Unemployment is at a low point in the decade. While this is great for job seekers, it creates a unique challenge for recruiters. How can your job posting stand out when so many other recruiters are gunning for the same candidates? How can you cut through the clutter when everyone else is trying to do the same? Recruiters are constantly trying to find ways to squeeze out any competitive advantage they can to get a leg up on the competition. However, these difference makers are often hard to come by.

Luckily, TextRecruit is here to help.

With Monster.

TextRecruit is partnering with Monster to give you the fastest candidate engagement platform alongside the premier global digital recruitment solutions provider. Monster provides some of the broadest, most sophisticated job seeking, career management, recruitment, and talent management capabilities. Customers will now be able to take full advantage of this with greater speed by leveraging text messaging and live-chat communication.

Specific examples of how employers will benefit include:


  •  Text message campaigns to job seekers that average 37% response rates in 12 minutes; significantly more effective and time-efficient than email or phone calls
  • JobChat, a live chat agent for job postings, that recruiters can use to nurture job seeker interest and reduce their application drop-off rate
  • Access to the TextRecruit Platform, the first and only platform to centralize all talent communication, allowing recruiters and HR to manage relationships with their candidates and employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle
  • ARI, an AI-powered chatbot for recruiting automation, that can answer questions, screen candidates, and schedule interviews 24/7
  • A candidate journey with continuous, real-time feedback and analytics so employers can differentiate themselves with a superior candidate experience

Gaining a competitive advantage in the recruiting world is hard to do nowadays. Unemployment is low and it requires creativity and the right resource to find the right talent. TextRecruit and Monster are here to give you that resource. The right talent is out there. All you have to do is go out and find it.


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