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5 Tips for Texting Candidates

1. Make a statement in 160 characters - Text messages can only be 160 characters, or they break into 2 messages. We have found it increases candidate response rates when the message is kept to the 160 limit.

2. Keep it classy, but memorable - Your message should be friendly and non-salesy. Play to the candidate’s ego telling them based on their qualifications and experience, this would be a great opportunity for them. You can also mention that you don’t often text, but am very interested in getting their feedback on the job opportunity.

3. The call to action should be a Y or N - Many times recruiters lose candidate interest by rambling and not getting to the point. The text message should have a brief description, why they are a good fit and they must be able to answer with a simple YES or NO. You have an average of 5 seconds for a candidate to see your message

4. Include the job posting link - TextRecruit automatically attaches a trackable link into your candidates messages, but if you are sending the message with your personal phone, make sure to put your phone link in message.

5. Use a shortened signature - To complete your message, list your name, company, tile at the end of the message.


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