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Should You Let Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Manage Your Hiring Funnel?

Should You Let Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Manage Your Hiring Funnel?

Your personal touch sets you apart as a recruiter. You have an eye for talent, character, and personality that you use to build a team that supplements each other. That unique talent can create a perfect company culture that fosters individual strength and creates that well-oiled machine you are striving for. Truly, this trait is uniquely human and couldn’t be replicated by AI, right?

Right! Artificial intelligence recruiting possesses other strengths that are more quantitative and stats-driven. It is characterized by increased efficiency and reach that allows companies to cast a wider net into the talent pool. This brings on the question of which method is better then? Is it ideal to be more personal in your recruiting methods and rely on gut-feeling, or use AI in an approach that reaches more people and assures that they check off all the boxes? Should you let artificial intelligence recruiting manage your hiring funnel?

Yes. And no. Being a recruiter is a tricky job that requires people skills, intuition, and long hours. That last aspect is what artificial intelligence recruiting is going to take care of. It can shorten those long hours by finding the right people quicker and providing an initial vetting process. This means that even though you are getting a broader reach and bringing in significantly more applicants, the candidates that eventually reach you are already categorized into positions that best suit their experience and goals. From this point, you can provide that personal touch to find the perfect fit, and the results will speak for themselves. In fact, 80% of executives believe that AI can increase productivity and performance with HR related tasks. Did you really enjoy the early-stage work of recruiting anyway?

The average job opening produces 250 resumes and takes 42 days to fill. AI can provide initial screening questions, set up interview times, and recommend appropriate positions for all of your candidates. It can make your job easier and make you look better. Instead of replacing you, think of AI as your personal assistant to do all the work you don’t want to do.

The future of recruiting will always be uncertain along with technology’s role in it. Humans and AI both possess strengths that the other cannot compete with. Instead of viewing this as an either-or scenario, utilize both for that perfect balance of efficiency and intuition. You will thank yourself when your results and free time both increase.


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