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Seasonal Hiring and Text Message Recruiting

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It seems like it comes up quicker and quicker each year… Holiday season is upon us once again. And what does that mean? It means seasonal hiring is already well underway. Starting in the month of October, companies everywhere have begun growing their teams in order to accommodate the large number of applicants seeking work this holiday season.


One thing we know for sure is that there is no shortage of jobs this year. With companies like Burlington increasing their number of open positions to 11% this year, and Target a whopping 43%, candidates have more job opportunities available to them than ever before. Companies are hiring hundreds of thousands of employees this season, and we can’t help but be overwhelmed by such significant numbers. The thought of interviewing hundreds of thousands of applicants already seems like an extremely daunting task.


We know you’re freaking out too, so hold on just a second. Before you get too discouraged about how your process to hire is going to handle such a high-volume candidate pool, consider text message recruiting. Seasonal hiring serves as a prime example of when to implement SMS short codes to aid your hiring process. With SMS short codes, your company can advertise open positions to potential candidates with something as simple and cost-effective as a poster hanging on your front door. Imagine a sign reading, “Text ‘Jobs’ to 12345 to apply”. Candidates can text that number with your personalized short code and they will instantly be entered into the candidate pool. Boom! You’ve already made the application process that much easier for both your hiring team and the candidate.


But wait, it gets even easier. Once the candidate is submitted to the applicant pool, artificially intelligent chatbots can take care of the screening process so you don’t have to. Implementing a chatbot as part of your recruitment process can save you the tedious task of pre-screening candidates, asking them questions about their job experience, job interests, and compensation expectations. Imagine the time you could save by only communicating with only the most qualified candidates following the pre-screening process.


Often times, employees that are hired for the seasonal period will stay on as permanent employees. It’s important to foster a great candidate/employee experience throughout their time at your company, and that begins with the hiring process. The easier you can make it for them (especially during the stressful holiday season!), the more they’ll enjoy working for your company. Recruiting solutions such as text messaging and chatbots can help your company make huge strides this holiday season. Time is money, and everyone can afford to speed up their time-to-hire.


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