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Partnership Spotlight: Salesforce

UA897CVTGLToday's talent wants to be treated like customers, which is one reason that CRM's like Salesforce are becoming increasingly popular among recruiters to help manage relationships with candidates. TextRecruit's integration with Salesforce is built to help recruiters engage talent more effectively with higher response rates and better activity tracking. Watch our short video below for a quick overview.

The TR/SFDC integration helps recruiters import Salesforce contacts directly into their TextRecruit account rather than needing to upload a spreadsheet or entering candidate information manually. The steps are simple: after logging into your TextRecruit account, navigate to the Candidates page using the left-hand sidebar. Then click "Add". You will then be given the option to connect your Salesforce account and add candidates.


Once these contacts have been added, text messages that are sent to candidates are recorded in Salesforce under Activity History and text messages received from candidates are recorded as Open Activities. If another recruiter on your team views that contact in Salesforce they can determine whether they have already received TextRecruit messages.

If a recruiter is viewing a contact in Salesforce, they can also go directly into the Open Activities and Activity History to determine the content of the messages that are being sent or received. Being able to integrate TextRecruit and Salesforce means all of your candidate engagement activities are coordinated so you can deliver a better candidate experience.

For more information on TextRecruit's integrations visit our Integrations page here.


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