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Mobile Devise Usage: Texting is Sleeker than Apps

Why bother using a smart phone app if texting is quicker and better? Developer wisdom seems to tell us that texting can bea better choice, and businesses and consumers agree.

App Usage Flattens Out

Nielsen Research reports that although the number of smart phone apps increases, “the number of apps actually used has remained flat for the past two years.” This means that for the millions of apps available, people find utility in fewer of them.

So mobile devise usage isn’t all about apps.

Less is More

A sleeker alternative to intricately designed mobile apps, text-based services deliver a wide range of goods and services.Bloomberg News reports that startups are keying into the idea of designer Golden Krishna that “the best interface is no interface.”

Krishna’s first principle is to “embrace typical processes instead of screens." Moving away from screens to texting accomplishes this goal quite well. The process completes without falling in love with any screens.

“Apps without an interface” are popular among startups and customers alike. Barriers to entry and usage are low for text-based services: there is nothing to download, keep “updated” or to stop working in the middle of an operation.

From recruiting to apartment hunting to financial services, text-based services are a good fit for millennials. This generation has migrated en masse to texting as a communication channel preferable to telephone or email.

Text-based services are often easier and more efficient for businesses and consumers. Please contact us to optimize your recruiting strategies.

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