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Employment Trends: Blue Collar Work Is Moving Towards Mobile Recruiting

Office workers or those sometimes referred to as "white-collar" workers view their e-mail accounts every day. In fact, they may even be required to check in on those accounts nearly every hour. Important information flows through those accounts and these individuals need to remain in the know. Employment trends for blue-collar workers are a little different though and favor text messaging more and more.

Temporary Work Filled Quickly

Individuals in blue-collar industries frequently work temporary jobs in order to fulfill an economic need they have. Those jobs are project specific and once the project is complete the work tends to dry up. However, that same temporary employer may require services again in the future on a different project. As such, it is beneficial to them to have a list of willing workers read to text at a moment's notice.

Workers can remain constantly available at a moment's notice via their cell phones. Texting someone with a job offer no longer carries the stigma it once did. Instead, workers prefer the flexibility it offers them.

Low Income Workers Still Do Not Have Internet Access

A shocking statistic about low-income workers is that many still do not have reliable Internet access. Figures from 2010 Pew Research Polls indicate the following,

While 95% of upper- income households use the Internet, 37% of lower-income households do not.  And while 4 % of college graduates do not use the internet, 48 % of those without a high school diploma do not.

These stats are stunning and show the big divide between the wealthy and the poor when it comes to Internet access. This is why temporary workers and those who are lower or middle-income frequently trust text messaging for finding new job opportunities. They can possess a phone that receives text messages for very little money. That helps them overcome the obstacle of a lack to Internet access.

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