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4 Really Cool New Mobile Technologies & Trends We Will See In Very The Near Future

Embracing exciting new mobile trends has been commonplace for many years now and the future holds some impressive changes for our omnipresent, handheld devices. Soon we will enter the third dimension in the next few years and here are four exciting and futuristic features we'll see very shortly:


#1 - Folding Screens

mobile trends Projection, hologram, and 3-D technologies for our phones are right around the corner.


This is already a hot topic and well-known by the majority of tech-savvy individuals and industry leaders in the mobile tech world when it comes to the future of mobile. Samsung and other industry leaders are embracing technology that will allow a much larger screen size to be folded down to fit inside a pocket or purse.


#2 - Curved Screens


We'll see more of these in both big screen TV's and smartphones in the not-too-distant future that comes with better viewability. However with the smartphone, this angled shape will slide better and more easily into a rear pant pocket.


#3 - Flexible Screens


Okay, if we can fold them up, once curved and then slipped away into our pockets and purses more conveniently, flexible screens will become a new trend in wearable tech, which is rising rapidly in this valuable marketplace. These wrappable screens can surround our wrists, adapt to tabletops and morph into different shapes and sizes. Imagine the possibilities!


#4 - Holograms, Projection Technology and 3-D


Very soon, video and other images from our smartphones will come to life and transform themselves off-screen into holographic images that will rise above our handheld devices and present themselves into a three-dimensional image above our small screens. Projection technology will allow our tiny smartphones to showcase these images onto walls, as we have previously transported them to other devices, like larger computer screens and television sets.


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