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World Premiere of the TextRecruit Video

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.40.51 AMHave you ever wanted to tell someone your story, but only had one minute? It's not that easy. That's why we are using the magic of cinema to show you how TextRecruit is changing mobile recruiting, and helping top employers attract, engage and convert talent more efficiently. See our video below...

The time has come! After months in the making, our debut film has finally arrived and you are just in time for the premiere. You will be able to find it playing regularly on our main page, but for your added convenience, we are screening it right below.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!



We were not nominated for any Oscars this year, but we did help our customers making mobile a part of their recruiting strategy. Ready to learn more about mobile recruiting? Download our Mobile Recruiting 2.0 eBook here to get the full scoop.

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