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Why The Mobile Trends Of Recruiters Need To Change

When recruiters have made a mistake, it is often quite costly for the company they represent. A simple miscalculation of how to best do their job can mean missing opportunities for wonderful new hires. Unfortunately, there is at least one area that numerous recruiters are making a big mistake. What issue do they struggle with? Not keeping up with the mobile trends of job seekers.

Losing Ground In Mobile Recruiting

One might forgive recruiters for not connecting on mobile devices if they were just now able to connect to the mobile web. However, we all know that is not the case. There are many years of data and a proven track record of mobile Internet usage, and yet recruiters are still not making the connection. This fact bears out when reviewing these statistics from talentculture.com,

There’s a growing disparity between the 43% of job seekers who use a mobile device for their job searches and the 59% of recruiters who don’t invest in mobile career sites at all.

Essentially this means that job seekers and looking down at their screens for job offers, and yet the resources to do so are not there. There is a gap between the consumer want and the recruiter fulfilling that desire.

Why The Disparity? 

Whenever there is a glaring gap like this, it is reasonable to wonder why. There are multiple factors at play in this particular case.

  • Lack Of Mobile Friendly Websites- In some cases the issue comes down to a lack of a mobile friendly version of the website. A website not configured for mobile usage is clunky and does not provider the user with the information required. This is a simple fix that more recruiters and recruiting agencies should make. 


  • Misunderstanding Of The Workforce- For some recruiting agencies the problem is deeper than not having a mobile friendly website. There are some who simply seem to lack an understanding of their customers. They think that people do not want to receive job offers on their phone. This isn't true according to recent surveys on the subject. 

These are two of the biggest obstacles in the way of more broad reaching mobile recruiting. Hopefully for the recruiters and for people looking for work, resolution of these issues happens soon.

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