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Why Changes In Mobile Devise Usage Impact Recruiting


It was a bold prediction in 2008 when Mary Meeker wrote that mobile Internet usage would overtake desktop Internet usage. Now, in 2015 we see that this prediction has truly come to pass. Mobile devise usage has largely grown due to the advances made by mobile app creators. Given this, many business owners and marketers now view the device in a whole different way.

Recruiting Via A Mobile Device

Mobile phones are now seen as a place where one can recruit their workers for the future. Hcareers.com explains that recruiting is not solely about receiving a text message about a job,

Receiving a job alert on a smart phone is merely one component of mobile recruitment. With mobile recruiting, you've got a "push and pull,"

Information goes out to those who have volunteered to receive this information. That helps the brand to get more information about themselves out to the public. Believe it or not, some people express interest in learning about the day-to-day business of a company they like.

Promotional Information To Subscribers

Customers who volunteer as subscribers to a business are consenting to receiving promotional information from that company. This can come in the form of new sales that one wants to push out. It is helpful to have the alert arrive on phones because the information gets to those who express interest in the company.

While many initially develop a mobile recruiting plan with the goal of finding new employees, it may be used for more than that. Consider the value of such mobile device marketing and determine if it is right for you.

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