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What Recruiters Need to Know About Changes to Google Search

BBX50H7QEZLast week Google announced an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help users find more pages that are mobile-friendly. This means websites that are mobile-friendly will be ranked higher than ever in Google searches. Google's update will take place in May so what should recruiters do over the next few months to prepare?

First, you should check to make sure your careers site is mobile-optimized. With 9 out of 10 job seekers using mobile devices in their search, mobile-friendly career sites have become a must for modern organizations and the new changes from Google make them even more critical. I've embedded Google's mobile-friendly test below to help you determine the status of your careers site. Type in the URL of your careers site and then click "analyze."

If your careers site is mobile-friendly then you are in great shape. Job seekers who visit your site from a smartphone or tablet to research jobs are much more likely to apply for open positions. If your site is not mobile-friendly then you should start making plans to update it. This will increase candidate conversions and boost your Google search rankings.  Request a demo with one of TextRecruit's experts to learn how we can help make your careers site mobile-friendly to convert more talent and maximize your Google search rankings.
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