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Three Reasons Why Text Recruiting Is Right For You

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According to research, mobile apps are the new job-search frontier and organizations that use this visual approach are keeping pace with the way prospective employees live their lives. Texting, a low cost, time saving option that increases the mobile communication in any hiring process is being recognized not only as an effective communication tool but also as a vehicle to making the exchange of web information easier. There is, unfortunately, hardly any technology to organize, send and track these messages and this may have you thinking of opting away from text recruiting, but don't do it! We can think of at least three reasons why it's right for you.

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  • First reason: Job seekers are constantly on the move. There is a need to be the first to know when and where information regarding their career is being updated. With a mobile app, your company can connect to prospective employees in real time by texting data that can be exchanged quickly with the individual and a response can be given immediately while everyone still goes about their busy day. [separator type='transparent' color='' thickness='' up='5' down='5']
  • Second reason: Usually the first phone number applicants put on resumes these days are their cell numbers so if your business uses apps to communicate, sending texts can not only benefit you by being cost effective, they can also make potential candidates feel more secure. Not only will they be able to maintain contact with you during the workday, they'll also have more control over who listens to their voicemail, who picks up their phone and when.[separator type='transparent' color='' thickness='' up='5' down='5']
  • Third reason: Before you can even begin to have an effective job recruiting process, you have to have some standardized way of measuring it. By using apps, you can pull together all the information collected between you and your candidates during messaging and put it into one system to analyze and coordinate your efforts and track URLs to see how well your outreach has been.[separator type='transparent' color='' thickness='' up='15' down='15']

Text recruiting should be the go to resource for building relationships and setting guidelines today because competition in finding suitable candidates is fierce. This year, forward-thinking HR leaders are making the connection between having a solid media strategy and finding top talent. With just a click, companies are using apps to increase their chances of finding ideal target prospects sooner by engaging with candidates immediately through their mobile devices.

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Please contact us today for help in developing new ways to reach out to these users and for solutions on updating your employment communication needs.

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