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TextRecruit Defining the Mobile Recruitment Platform

new article about TextRecruit Job seekers under 45 consider texting as a professional method of getting in touch about new employment offers. Text campaigns are a viable way to engage them with potential job offers.

Text Recruit is now acknowledged as the  recruiting platform that gives texting a new appeal to human-resource professionals and candidates alike. Texting solves an ongoing problem within the recruiting industry: how can the amount of time waste on phone tag and uninterested candidates be eliminated? Accessibility and convenience are not to be underestimated in the recruiting process.

In Entrepreneur's  new article about TextRecruit by Heather R. Huhman, she outlines the benefits of texting for young millennial job-seekers and recruiters. Younger graduates have grown up in  a world where texts are a favored method of communicating. The article supports this information citing studies which record forty-three percent of job seekers under forty-five  consider texting as a professional method of getting in touch about new employment offers. Text campaigns are a viable way to replace  email campaigns with potential job offers. Although some individuals may not have access to their emails through mobile phones and tablets, texts are a straightforward and easy to access. The time it takes to post a listing to a variety of job sites and wait for replies is drastically cut, thanks to TextRecruits ability to communicate directly with qualified applicants regarding positions.

Largely due to the overwhelming dominance of cell phones on so many aspects of life, it is now taking precedence over the desktop computer:millennials are mobile, and it shows. Apps like text-recruit also offer advantages to recruiters. In terms of job-availability, offers are no invaluable resource. TextRecruit's tracking feature for open and response lets recruiters know if a candidate is truly interested in a position. This is a valuable commodity for recruiters who have a limited amount of time to fill a position. Another unique qualifier for TextRecruit is their ability to work with any level of recruiting operation. Individual recruiters or large corporate operations contact us for advice on projects of varying complexity.

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